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Kayaking At Errol Motel

Welcome Paddlers!

The Errol Motel is conveniently located on the Androscoggin River. With easy access to the Androscoggin, Magalloway, and Rapid rivers, your options are unlimited. Consider this heaven if canoeing, kayaking, or whitewater paddling is your interest.

For all of you whitewater enthusiasts, enjoy the rush and excitement on one of our local rivers. The 170 mile long Androscoggin plays host to a variety of paddlers, while the northern most waters generally run swiftly and steadily through scenic Thirteen Mile Woods. Fear not - calmer waters lie ahead in the Pontook Reservoir. This is indeed a wonderful area for any level boater. The exciting Class III, IV, and V rapids of the Magalloway River will keep you coming back for more. The Rapid River flows into the northeast shoulder of Lake Umbagog. The awesome Class IV runs are now even more exciting due to a settlement agreement in hydro licensing that will provide large whitewater rafting flows each weekend throughout summer months.

Paddling The RiverThe casual paddlers will find the lakes, rivers, and ponds in the area abundant with wildlife. Enjoy the opportunity to view moose, bear, dear, loons, eagles, as well as numerous other woodland creatures in their natural surroundings.

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